How to Make a Birthday Fundraiser

Happy birthday to you! Thanks for “donating” your birthday to us!

A week or two before your birthday:

  • Log onto your personal Facebook account

  • Click on Fundraisers:

  • Choose “Raise Money for a Non-Profit Organization”

    • Center for Labor Education and Research 375 Centre St Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA 02130

  • Come up with a fundraising goal, $100?, $250?, $1,000?

  • Share the fundraiser on your Facebook page leading up to your birthday! But, most importantly, INVITE your friends! The more friends you invite, the more friends will see it and donate!

  • Share the fundraiser with your friends over email or text them the link!

  • Send it to us or Tag @Massachusetts Jobs with Justice so we can help you amplify it!

If a friend wants to write a check instead, you can ask them to make it payable to Center for Labor Education and Research and put in the memo line that it’s in honor of your fabulous birthday!



Email us your phone number and address so we can be sure to send you some JWJ swag as a birthday and thank you present :)

Frequent Q & A’s:

Will I receive a tax deductible thank you letter?

If you donate or your friends donate via Facebook, our office does not see your contact information (email/phone number/your mailing address). If you’d like to receive a letter, please email us with your full name, date of donation, amount of donation, and mailing address and we will be happy to send you a confirmation letter!

How do nonprofits receive donations?

This nonprofit will receive donations from Network for Good within 45-75 days after a donation, depending on enrollment.

Facebook disburses donations to Network for Good once a month. Network for Good then disburses those donations to the nonprofit the following month. For example, a donation made on Facebook in January will be paid to the nonprofit on March 15.

How do taxes work?

Donations to the US 501(c)(3) nonprofit Network for Good are typically tax-deductible.

If you have questions about the deductibility of any donations, please reach out to a tax professional.

How do fees work?

Facebook charges no fees for donations to nonprofits.