Massachusetts Jobs with Justice is a coalition of community, faith, and labor groups in Massachusetts organizing working people and allies to fight for the rights of all workers: locally, nationally, and internationally.

Intimidation Hotline

Executives are abusing their power inside Massachusetts Hospitals. Passing out flyers, threatening job loss, & falsely accusing nurses (they're doing this to their own people). It goes to show what lengths Hospitals are going to spread fear and protect their huge profits and salaries.

If you are being attacked, call the HOTLINE, you will be heard!

(413) 475-0895

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Featured Campaigns


Workers' rights

We are committed to fighting for an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%. We support the efforts by workers, whether in unions or not, to organize to fight for a better life for their families and a more fair economy for their communities. 


Immigrant Rights

We believe all workers deserve equal rights on the job, regardless of their immigration status. Our immigrant brothers and sisters are a vital part of our workforce and our community, and we stand with them as they fight for the dignity and respect they deserve. 


Protect public Education

We have joined with unions, community groups, and students to stand up against corporate attacks on public education. As part of MEJA, we work with communities statewide to ensure that public schools are driven by community voices.