Jobs with Justice is a coalition of labor, faith, and student organizations working together to build unity and support for the struggles of working people.

Jobs with Justice is a campaign for workers’ rights. 

Our mission is to defend working people’s standard of living, fight for job security, protect our right to organize and support contract campaigns and strikes. Jobs with Justice opposes racism, sexism, ageism and homophobia and will actively support struggles against any form of discrimination.

Jobs with Justice is action oriented. 

During each year, JwJ activists and volunteers take the Jobs with Justice pledge “to be there” at least five times for someone else’s fight. That means joining picket lines, attending rallies, and participating in other actions or demonstrations in support of workers’ rights.

Jobs with Justice will not accept the political status quo. 

Too many elected politicians ignore the needs of working people. The erosion of secure and stable jobs, the decline in living standards, cuts in wages and benefits, as well as the deterioration of the right to organize and strike are political problems.

Jobs with Justice believes that government should provide progressively financed public education, affordable housing, health care and social services. 

State and national budget priorities should address the pressing needs of our communities and put people to work rebuilding Massachusetts. Jobs with Justice will defend public workers, the services they provide and the people they serve.

Jobs with Justice is part of a national support network for workers’ rights. 

Massachusetts Jobs with Justice will participate in nationally coordinated activities and support JwJ coalitions in other parts of the country.

A few of the things we’ve done in 2018,
Director’s Report Summer of 2018 (pdf)