Ameina- Ameina is a former Mass Jwj intern and still committed to the fight for immigrant rights and public education. She is a current student at Umass Boston.

Juan- Juan is a 32BJ SEIU union member. He volunteered during the Raise Up campaign and became active last year during the No on 2 campaign.

Natalia- Natalia is a Uruguayan immigrant who grew up in North Central Massachusetts. She started organizing shortly after she was granted DACA, motivated by the policy's exclusion of immigrant workers, families, and other undocumented people. Natalia was staff at JwJ from 2013-2016. Natalia is also an interpreter (Spanish/English), a reproductive justice advocate, and a Communications nerd.

South Shore- Braintree, Taunton

Ashley- Ashley lives in Braintree and is a Brockton Public Schools graduate. She works as support staff for immigrant students at Emerson college. She is active in Raise Up and our Immigrant Rights street team.

Nadine- Nadine is a leader in the South Shore region. She is a regular volunteer for Raise Up and showed commitment and passion for the No on 2 campaign.


Tania- Tania first became involved in organizing for the Dream Act and starting our parent group: La Voz de la Comunidad-Framingham with local educators and immigrant parents. She worked as a organizer for the No on 2 campaign, leading shifts in the Metrowest. She is a graduate of Mt. Ida College.

North Shore

Diane and John- Diane and John are retirees and were active on the Raise Up campaign. Before moving here they were active in the Philly Jobs with Justice. Their daughter is an educator in Everett and the whole family were big volunteers on the No on 2 campaign and Raise Up Mass. They are now active in the Women’s Committee of North Shore Labor Council.

Ofelia- Ofelia first became involved with La Comunidad in Everett. Now she is involved in the One Everett Coalition and the Safe and Welcoming campaign and the TPS and DACA resolution.. Ofelia is active on Raise Up and last year she made calls and doorknocked on the No on 2 campaign. She has also met with the local Everett teachers association.

Yrma- Yrma was a volunteer at La Comunidad and is now part-time staff at La Comunidad and One Everett/Good Jobs at the Casino campaign. She is currently head of the PTO at the local high school. Her advocacy has been mostly around the middle school and now at the high school. She was also a spokesperson for the No on 2 campaign in 2016.

Western Mass

Marleny- Marleny is a leader in our worker immigrant committee and has 3 children in the Amherst Public Schools. She has been actively participating in the immigrant rights moment since meet us through the Pioneer Valley Workers Center. She is a Temporary Protective Status (TPS) holder from El Salvador and has been outspoken as a leader advocating for permanent protection.

Interfaith Leaders

Linda- Linda has been involved in Mass Interfaith Worker Justice and in the Quaker and Catholic faith communities. She has skills in mediation and public speaking. Linda attends the Grassroots Raise Up meetings. Linda supports on the Labor in the Pulpits program, bringing worker issues into places of faith.

Father Kennedy- Father Kennedy is a retired Reverend of Episcopal congregations, including in East Boston. He has a long history in supporting airport workers. Father Kennedy is a sustainer and always tries to be there for workers and economic justice. He brings the moral power of faith leadership.

Sister Tess- Sister Tess  is an immigrant from Trinidad and Tobago. She is passionate about immigrants and workers rights. She has a long history of experience supporting farmworkers. She has brought the leadership of National Farmworkers Ministry to speak to faith communities in Boston.