Jobs with Justice is active on numerous campaigns across Massachusetts that affect workers locally, nationally, and globally.

Here are a few of our current campaigns. For more information on how to get involved with the below campaigns and others, contact us.

Workers' Rights

Massachusetts Jobs with Justice is committed to fighting for an economy that works for all of us, not just the 1%. We support the efforts by workers, whether in unions or not, to organize to fight for a better life for their families and a more fair economy for their communities. 

Corporations like Walmart have launched full-fledged attacks on good jobs and workers’ rights, while simultaneously tanking our economy and not paying their taxes. Bosses are profiting off the hard work of immigrant workers by exploiting their immigration status. Big banks get bailed out while working families are thrown out of their homes because of unjust evictions.

Enough is enough.

In order to have a strong working class, we need a strong labor movement. That’s why we are fighting alongside local unions to make sure workers are ensured jobs with living wages and benefits. Together, we are fighting back against corporate greed.


Campaign to Protect Public Education


Massachusetts Jobs with Justice has joined with unions, community groups, and students to stand up against the corporate attacks on public education. As part of Massachusetts Education Justice Alliance, we work with communities statewide to ensure that public schools are driven by community voices. We engage parents, teachers, and community members across the state to fight for quality public education and against attacks on students, working families, and teachers.

We believe that education should be accessible to all. Charter schools can often be a divisive issue for local communities.  As urban areas and gateway cities now contend with multiple charters, the reality of what they do to public education is harder and harder to deny. Particularly in high-poverty areas, the only way charters can produce high test scores is by selectively picking and choosing their students — ultimately benefitting small numbers of students at a cost to the entire community. We seek to highlight these inequalities and ensure that all communities have quality public education that benefits all children. This includes statewide efforts to fight charter schools coming into communities, fighting proposals to lift the charter cap, and promoting stories of students and parents who have gone through the charter experience.

The best way to improve our schools is through a collective community process. Teachers, parents, students and community residents have a common interest in a quality, well-funded public education system. Together, teachers and community members are working to enhance their neighborhoods and their schools by collaborating on issues that affect their communities, like improving access for English Language Learners and special needs students.

This initiative is a joint project of Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, the Massachusetts Teachers Association (MTA), and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).


Immigrant Workers' Rights


At Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, we have built a statewide network working to end the criminalization and exploitation of immigrants in Massachusetts. We are fighting to change the common narratives about immigrants by centering voices often not represented. We build on the resiliency of communities across the state, which have been under constant attack by white supremacist and corporate agendas.

Our work expands beyond the Statehouse and is rooted in community-building. We believe that everywhere is a site of struggle: from our congregations, schools and workplaces, to the streets, so that is where we take action.

We've put together “Know Your Rights” community walks and trainings, which educates workers on their basic rights at work, such as minimum wage, workplace safety, and the right to organize. We organize actions big and small -- from rallies at the workplace to defend immigrant workers to the Together & Free rally that drew thousands in June of 2018.

Our network is a space for...

  • Critical strategic thinking

  • Support & connectivity

  • Education & training

  • Creative direct action

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