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UPDATED: Eduardo Samaniego was denied bond for his release on December 27, 2018

BREAKING: December 30, 2018: Eduardo’s situation has reached a new level of urgency. He was moved to Irwin County Detention Facility, which is known to be one of the most oppressive facilities in the nation. It has numerous human rights abuse cases against it. He has been put in “segregation” something they use punitively. His health and wellbeing are severely jeopardized. He is kept in an empty room, not allowed clothing, forced to eat with his hands and has 24 hour observation. This is TORTURE! .  Demand his release:

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Sign a Petition to support Whittier Street Health Center

Pledge your support for quality care for those who need it most.  Urge Whittier Street Health Center to reinstate critical healthcare programs & services for a healthy Roxbury/South End Community and surrounding areas. Please sign this petition asking Whittier Street Health Center to reinstate valuable health care programs that our neighborhood needs.


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We Stand With Northeastern Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty

At Northeastern University and around the country, full-time non-tenure-track faculty play an essential role in providing quality education for students and contributing to a vibrant academic life on campus. However, they are consistently denied transparency about decisions on working conditions, a meaningful voice in these decisions, and access to key benefits and protections, such as job stability.

Add your name to an open letter supporting Northeastern Full-Time Non-Tenure Track Faculty

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