Organizing Money!

Dear Friends,

At Jobs with Justice, we spend most of our time organizing people. It's kind of our thing!

We use the power of solidarity to bring groups of unlikely allies together to strategize, help to develop important relationships between community members and unions and union members and communities, mobilize for critical struggles impacting workers, and develop new leaders who will in turn pass on the torch to future generations.

We do all those things because we believe that PEOPLE POWER is what wins campaigns and make the change working people need and deserve in Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in today, building that kind of power requires us to organize not just people, but money. We have to get the resources we need to keep the movement going and make sure they get to the places where we can make the greatest impact. We have to compensate our brilliant and talented staff, to keep our offices open as community hubs, to produce campaign materials, to support our fiscally sponsored projects like the TPS Committee and Student Immigrant Movement, and to feed a lot of volunteers a lot of pizza.

We don't talk a lot about organizing money, but we all know that the other side is *really* good at it. The big corporations organize money through tax loopholes and union-busting and legal maneuvering. If we are going to stop them, we have to organize the money we need to put people in the streets, shift the culture in the State House, and empower workers to take action on the job.

Of course, we don't take money from corporations -- we organize money the honest way, by asking folks like you to contribute what you can to keep this work moving. Just like a union relies on each member to chip in a small amount to accomplish a greater good, we rely on you to sustain a movement that is much bigger than any of us as individuals.

Thank you to all of you who have contributed to make Jobs with Justice what it is today! Whether you've given $5 or $5000, you have helped to fund hundreds of victories for working people!

If you haven't given recently, can you make a contribution today?

You can donate online here!

If you prefer paper checks, you can mail us your donation to Jobs with Justice, 375 Centre Street, Boston, MA.

AGAIN, Many thanks for helping us to organize the money that helps us organize the people who win change in our Commonwealth!

In Solidarity,

Gillian and Lily

Co-Executive Directors

Massachusetts Jobs with Justice

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