#NoHotelsForICE Employer Sign-On and Canvas Kit



ICE is carrying out immigration raids across the country and has threatened to ramp up coordinated mass raids as a show of force for the Trump Administrations anti-immigrant political agenda and to instill fear in immigrant communities. But immigrant detention facilities are already catastrophically overcrowded due to this administration’s zealous and dangerous priorities. As a result, ICE is planning to use hotels as temporary detention centers for immigrants it detains in upcoming raids.

If ICE can’t use hotels, it puts a huge dent in their ability to carry out mass roundups at all, since they aren’t allowed to hold families and kids in their adult immigration jails. We know that immigrant families, like all families and communities, belong together and free. Getting #NoHotelsforICE commitments is an important way for us to protect one another in defiance of Donald Trump's hate-fueled agenda. 

Join hotel workers and the #NoHotelsForICE campaign in demanding that hotels must not be accomplices in this administration’s moral atrocities. We’ve identified and are targeting nine major U.S. hotel chains with low-cost brands that ICE is likely to use. 

Through the #NoHotelsForICE digital campaign and corporate headquarter actions we have already won an important battle -- Marriott, Hilton, Choice Hotels, Best Western, Wyndham, Hyatt, IHG and MGM Resorts all released statements saying they don’t want their hotels used to detain migrants. 

However, it is unclear how these hotel chains are communicating and implementing these commitments at their local properties and franchises. What is more, we know that there are other local hotels that could be used ICE. We need to ask local hotels to commit to not letting ICE on their properties without a judicial warrant in order to make sure that the corporations' statements are more than just lip service, and to reach other local hotels that could be at risk of being used by ICE.

Action: Worker and community delegations ask hotel management to commit to not let ICE onto their properties without a judicial warrant.


Ask 1: Is local hotel management aware of their rights in case immigration enforcement enter their property, and (where applicable) if they are aware of parent commitment to not being used by ICE?

  • Record response

  • Offer to share Employer Guide on Immigration (bring hard copy to leave with management)

  • Offer to connect hotel management with know-your-right-trainings

Ask 2: Will hotel managers sign on to the commitment 

Safe Hotels Commitment (printable version here)

This hotel stands by workers, owners, and consumers and respects their dignity and human rights – including immigrants and refugees. Our hotel is not meant to be used as a detention center, but to serve as welcoming places for guests from all over the world. 

To fulfill that commitment we pledge to:

  • Stand with diverse communities to help protect their liberties, dignities, and freedoms

  • Creating a safe environment in our hotel for all,

  • Proudly comply with all laws, especially those meant to protect people’s dignity and human rights.

  • To ensure and protect the rights of all people at this property we will exercise the right to not let Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) onto our property without a judicial warrant.

_____________________________ ____________________

(Hotel Name) (Date)

_____________________________ _____________________

(Manager Name) (Manager Signature)

Ask 3: Share with staff and post a copy of the commitment in staff spaces

  • Leave a copy of the statement for management to place in location where all staff can see (translation of statement into other languages is still needed).

  • Where there is local capacity, ask if they are interested in help with know-your-rights trainings for staff.