Stand with Macy's Cosmetics & Fragrance Workers!

Every worker deserves a union, including the workers who spend long hours on their feet every day making other people feel beautiful.

You probably heard that in May, nearly 1,000 Macy’s workers in Massachusetts and Rhode Island won a huge victory when they authorized the strike vote that brought management back to the table and got the workers the fair contract they needed.

Now, the cosmetics and fragrance workers at the Downtown Crossing Macy’s store in Boston have their first chance to join their co-workers in the union — but, of course, they are facing a vicious anti-union campaign from management.

The vote on whether to unionize happens this Friday, July 19th, and we have up until that vote to let these workers know we have their backs!

Here are three ways to show your support:

  1. Sign the petition here & share the link with your friends and networks!

  2. Need any beauty products this week? Shop Macy’s and let the workers know you stand with them in their right to have a voice on the job! You can print out this message of solidarity to discretely give the workers who help you in the store.

  3. Join us this Tuesday from 1 to 3 pm! We’ll be outside the store flyering and encouraging customers to show their solidarity with workers.

Gillian Mason