UPDATE: Eduardo's on Hearing 1/3/2019


***UPDATE: At yesterdays hearing Eduardo's lawyer was granted a continuance, this gives us more time to get him FREE! The Mexican consulate was able to visit Eduardo and he signed the documents needed to allow for the advocacy of our elected leaders; McGovern, Warren, and Markey. His family and support team were able to talk to him on the phone. He knows all about the national movement that is building for his release. Your power is felt and it's helping to ground him in his fight for freedom. ***


WE DEMAND, Eduardo's immediate release back to his home in Massachusetts so that he can receive urgently needed medical care and we call for an investigation into the human rights abuses he has suffered at both the Irwin County Detention Center and Robert A. Dayton Lovejoy ICE facilities both in Georgia. 

Eduardo is not a flight risk and he is not a danger he is a respected community leader, student, and person of faith. 

Sign the petition: Bit.ly/FreeEduardoNow 

➞ICE Atlanta Field Director, Sean Gallaghar: (404) 893-1206
➞Asst. Director, Kristen Sullivan: 404-893-1203

#FreeEduardo #LibertadParaEduardo #KeepEduardoHome  #AbolishICE

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