Time to Get Our House in Order!

There is a lot going on in the State House these days! Thanks to the activism and advocacy of folks like you, lawmakers have filed some very exciting bills that, if they get passed, could hold Massachusetts accountable to defending workers on the job and investing in the communities we live in. Here at Jobs with Justice, we are supporting several bills this year:

  • Fair Scheduling legislation to establish basic protections for worker schedules (SD.1881/HD.3384) 

  • Fund our Future legislation to invest in public education (The Promise Act and the Cherish Act)

  • The Fair Share Amendment to place an additional tax on people who make over $1 Million per year (SD. 1709/HD. 3300)

  • Work and Mobility legislation to ensure all qualified MA residents can obtain a drivers license, regardless of immigration status (SD.1143/HD.1719)

  • Safe Communities Act to stop local police from collaborating with ICE (SD.926/HD.1520)

Here's where you come in:

Now that all the bills have been filed, we are looking for more State Senators and Representatives to sign on as cosponsors of these bills

the more cosponsors a bill has, the more attention it will get this session! The deadline for cosponsors to sign on is THIS FRIDAY, February 1, by 5 PM.

Will you pitch in by contacting your State Rep and Senator about these important bills?

It only takes 5 minutes to call and/or email your legislators, but every contact we have with the Statehouse helps our chances of winning these victories for working people.

Don't know how to reach your State Senator and Rep, or even who they are? Find their names and contact information here!

Once you've made your calls, please let us know how they went by filling out this quick form.