Reflections on the Poor People's Campaign

Our team has been supporting the Poor People's Campaign here in Boston. For the month of May, the Poor People's Campaign is holding weekly actions as part of a national call to challenge systemic racism, poverty, and the war economy. Below, our two high-school interns, Tyeray and Kerv, reflect on attending their first action. 

On the 21st of May 2018, Tyeray and I experienced the true definition of Boston Strong. Different speakers shared their experience with different racial injustices, trying to prevent it from happening to the upcoming generation. One word that amazingly snatched our ears is the word solidarity. Solidarity means unity, or coming together to an agreement. At the Boston Commons, the Poor People’s Campaign had an action for the second consecutive week. There, Boston displayed true solidarity. As African American teens, Tyeray and I are pleased to be on an internship that informs us about real life problems going on not only in the city, but also in the world, that school doesn’t teach us. Jobs with Justice has been a great experience and we recommend getting involved to everybody, teenager or adult, in the city of Boston.