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Blog post by Amy Blanchette, Bristol Community College graduate, Umass Dartmouth student, PHENOM Executive Board member

Yesterday after the Fall River parade, I attended a small fundraiser for Julio, a young man that has recently been detained by ICE.

I sat around a table of people who come from all backgrounds and socio-economic status. Julio is Guatemalan. His whole life he's tried to only make a living and help support his family. We ate Guatemalan food (which is amazing by the way) and we talked about just about everything. Most words translated to me, as I haven't quite got Spanish down yet.

I watched this young man's family running around in the kitchen and being so hospitable. I thought how amazing it was to just be a part of the evening.

As we finished eating, Julio the detainee, called us. We each went around the table and said hi to him. This young man had such an amazing attitude and I could tell was being strong for his family. I watched as his sister fought holding back tears and his niece sitting there so quiet, sad. The mood in the room quickly changed. The reality set in. 

I immediately felt lucky to just be there in that moment and grateful for all I have. The most important things cannot be bought. Ever. I hate the holidays with a passion. I don't ruin it for others, but I'm not wicked festive. I see the holidays have often times drifted off as excuses for the worst to come out in people. Yet, as I sat around this small kitchen table drinking chippi with a bunch of people I had never met, and saw the true spirit of Christmas in all its amazement, I couldn't help but feel a little festive. Thank you God for always reminding me how blessed I am. Sometimes the things people want most are what most of us often take for granted. 

Be grateful always

If you want to send a card, letter, or donations to Julio and his family, check out the links below or contact Mass Jobs with Justice! He could really use some love right now. I believe in  Santa, and I believe in miracles. There are angels in people we meet throughout our lives. These angels often teach us more than anything else. I'm lucky enough to have met so many thus far. I hope this family is blessed with many.  

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