UPDATED: Eduardo Samaniego was denied bond for his release on December 27, 2018

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BREAKING: December 30, 2018: Eduardo’s situation has reached a new level of urgency. He was moved to Irwin County Detention Facility, which is known to be one of the most oppressive facilities in the nation. It has numerous human rights abuse cases against it. He has been put in “segregation” something they use punitively. His health and wellbeing are severely jeopardized. He is kept in an empty room, not allowed clothing, forced to eat with his hands and has 24 hour observation. This is TORTURE! 

At the request of Eduardo's support network the Southern Poverty Law Center tried to do a wellness check on Eduardo and Warden Paulk of the facility refused to grant access. It is clear that Eduardo's case is being fast tracked due to his immigrant rights activism and his broad public support. 

Eduardo Samaniego, of Northampton, speaks during a protest against white nationalism outside City Hall in Northampton in the wake of violence in Charlottesville, Va., in August 2017.

Eduardo Samaniego, of Northampton, speaks during a protest against white nationalism outside City Hall in Northampton in the wake of violence in Charlottesville, Va., in August 2017.

His master calendar hearing is scheduled for this Thursday 1/3 at 8am, this is the start to the state’s plan to forcefully remove him and deport him. We must act fast. His health is at risk and we need him released on bond and immediately returned to his home in Massachusetts. 

We will be holding simultaneous rallies Thursday at 8am during his hearing in Atlanta (location) and Springfield, Massachusetts (1550 Main St). Join us there or plan a rally in your city or town. Email pvworkerscenter@gmail.com if you can coordinate one. 

Calls need to be made NOW. Tell them his A number (206-862-839) and full name (Eduardo Samaniego Amaya) and then:

1. Eduardo is not a flight risk he has deep ties to the community in both MA and GA
2. Eduardo is a faith leader and student leader and is not a risk to public safety 
3. Eduardo’s health is seriously deteriorating bc of detention. He should be immediately released

ICE Field Director Sean Gallaghar: (404) 893-1206 

Asst. Director Kristen Sullivan: 404-893-1203

The petition is at 2,000 let’s get it to 5,000 by Thursday: Bit.ly/FreeEduardoNow

#FreeEduardo #KeepEdaurdoHome #LibertadParaEduardo #AbolishICE


After 71 days behind bars, immigration rights leader and youth organizer Eduardo Samaniego was denied bond for his release on December 27, 2018. 

Demand his release: bit.ly/FreeEduardoNow

Eduardo is a national leader widely recognized for his strong voice calling for recognition of DREAMers and all immigrants in the US. He was held in Robert A. Deyton Detention Facility in Lovejoy, GA, where his health and wellness had been deteriorating rapidly. Today, 12/28 he was transferred to the medical wing at Irwin Detention facility 3 hours from Atlanta. Though his bond hearing was originally set for January 3, Eduardo’s lawyer learned with less than 24 hours notice that the hearing would be moved to December 27th. Like other immigration activists nationwide, Eduardo is being targeted for his work.

Eduardo is a well known and much-loved leader with deep ties to his community in both Georgia and Massachusetts. Eduardo studied at Hampshire College where he served on the College Board of Trustees. Through his organizing for immigrant rights with the Pioneer Valley Workers Center, Eduardo works closely with Massachusetts Congressman Jim McGovern and Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey and many more. He has worked with hundreds of faith leaders and religious communities. We who are part of that broader community, commit to supporting Eduardo throughout his immigration proceedings. Eduardo is not a flight risk. 

Eduardo’s health is very precarious. Two years ago, while studying at Hampshire College, Eduardo was the victim of a near-fatal gas explosion at an apartment building in Georgia and suffered burns over 45% of his body. He continues to suffer mentally and physically from this incident. He is not receiving proper medication or care while in detention. Further, he is extremely isolated due to being held in a high-security facility; visits with friends and loved ones are very limited. Eduardo’s health and survival are suffering in detention. 

We call for Eduardo’s immediate release on bond so that he can pursue all legal remedies. 

We are going to need you all to help to #FreeEduardo and support him in every way that we can. Your solidarity is critical, fight with us to #KeepEduardoHome!


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