You Put The People in the People's Agenda

We’re on the team fighting for justice— Donna, Wambui, Lily, Dee and Gladys!!  #Yeson1  #SafePatientLimits   #Yeson2   #Yeson3   #TransLawMA @PatientSafetyMA @Freedom_Mass #PeoplesAgenda  @MassJwJ @MassNurses

We’re on the team fighting for justice— Donna, Wambui, Lily, Dee and Gladys!! #Yeson1#SafePatientLimits #Yeson2 #Yeson3 #TransLawMA@PatientSafetyMA @Freedom_Mass#PeoplesAgenda @MassJwJ @MassNurses

Dear Friends,

We launched the People's Agenda in June to bring together working people in Massachusetts to fight for some of our core values on the ballot yesterday, and over the past six months, our member organizations, partners, and -- most importantly -- dedicated activists like you, worked tirelessly to make that vision of solidarity a reality!

With your help, we spent hundreds of hours on the phones, knocked over 6 thousand doors, reached over 200,000 people on social media, and had endless conversations with family, friends, co-workers, and total strangers about why voting Yes Yes Yes was the right choice for Massachusetts.

And we won two amazing victories last night:

The victory of Question 3 will not only safeguard some of the fundamental rights of trans people in our state, but will hopefully have a chilling effect on the powerful bigots around the country and in the White House who are looking for new ways to dehumanize trans people. They know now that when they come for our trans siblings, they can't do it without a fight!

Now that Question 2 has passed, we have a new opportunity to find leverage in the long battle ahead to get money out of politics. Massachusetts has set the example for other states that we, the people, have the power to overturn Citizens United and create real democracy in this country.

Of course, we also suffered a loss yesterday in the heartbreaking defeat of Question 1. We know that we fought the good fight for safe patient limits. We are all the proud to have stood alongside the Massachusetts Nurses Association to reach voters with an important message: we are all patients, we all deserve quality health care, and we won't have it until we hold hospitals accountable to putting patients over profits.

Hospitals invested over $20 million dollars this year to confuse and frighten voters, and -- this time -- they succeeded. We can't let it happen again. We need to recommit to our efforts to win justice for patients, nurses, and all the essential workers who make our health possible. Please join us in doing just that by signing the pledge to be there to take action to fight for healthcare 3 times in the coming year!

Overall, we made an important, historic impact yesterday in the movement for trans rights and the movement to get money out of politics, and despite the fact that we didn't get safe patient limits this time around, we are only more organized and fired up to take on health care profiteers this year. That's not bad for a campaign powered entirely by working people!

THANK YOU to all of you who made this possible, especially all you volunteers who pounded the pavement and worked the phones diligently for months. You are the heroes of this election cycle -- every single one of you deserves the gratitude of millions of Massachusetts residents... and maybe a couple days rest before we take to the streets again!

Many thanks as well to those of you who have already donated to sustain our work!  We still have a long fight ahead of us, and we rely on your contributions to keep us going. If you haven't given yet, or if you want to give a little more, please make a donation here.

In solidarity,

The Massachusetts JwJ Team

Gillian Mason