Nurses Voices: Intimidation and Threats

Executives are abusing their power inside Massachusetts Hospitals. Passing out flyers, threatening job loss, & falsely accusing nurses (they're doing this to their own people). It goes to show what lengths Hospitals are going to spread fear and protect their huge profits and salaries.

If you are being attacked, call the HOTLINE, you will be heard!

(413) 475-0895

So many of you asked what we were going to do with reports to our Intimidation Hotline. Nurses everywhere are seeing the same bullying, intimidation, and relentless pressure to vote no. These are just a handful of examples of what we've heard statewide. ** ALL IDENTIFYING INFORMATION HAS BEEN REDACTED TO PROTECT THOSE WHO WERE BRAVE ENOUGH TO REPORT. ** Nurses are not political pawns. We know that your voices are stronger together. We will keep sharing your stories because you need to know: You are not alone.

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