On Strike for $15/hr at Evy Tea!

After being overworked, underpaid, and mistreated on the job, the baristas at Evy Tea in Jamaica Plain have taken action and gone on strike. They are demanding that the upper management at Evy Tea commit to a starting pay of $15/hr and to creating a more sustainable workplace.

The strike began Wednesday 9/6, and will continue until Evy Tea agrees to make these changes and hold themselves accountable for providing good jobs & fair wages for their workers.

These workers don't have a union. They aren't part of any formal organization. They are just a group of workers who know they deserve respect on the job and are risking their livelihoods to demand it. They need your help! 

Here's what you can do:

  • Watch & share this video of striking worker Jess testifying before the Massachusetts Legislature about why she and her coworkers decided to strike for a living wage. 
  • Sign here & share to stand with workers in telling Evy Tea that it's time to provide a living wage and safe work environment!
  • Donate to their strike fund here!
  • Keep up on this struggle! Get updates, join a picket line, and learn about more ways to get involved by following the strike on Facebook!
Gillian Mason