No Ban, No Wall, No to Baker's Racist Law: Week of Action for Immigrant Rights!


Governor Charlie Baker has introduced anti-immigrant legislation that would force local law enforcement to collaborate with federal immigration police in detaining and deporting our immigrant brothers, sisters, and cousins. We must oppose this law, which threatens to tear more immigrant families and communities apart!

But words are not enough -- that’s why Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, along with our community, labor, student, and faith partners, are calling for statewide coordinated actions in Boston, Worcester, and Springfield:

No Ban, No Wall, No to Baker’s Racist Law!

Day of Action Rallies: Tuesday, August 8

Massachusetts Statehouse
24 Beacon St.

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436 Dwight St

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Worcester City Hall
455 Main Street

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Baker’s Trump-like policies are clearly intended to squash the momentum that has grown in support of the Massachusetts Safe Communities Act, but we will not be stopped!

We will come together to declare that we the people have the power and that Baker does not speak for us. Together, we will push for welcoming legislation and declare Not One More deportation!

If you're in Boston and want to help us get ready for the big day, please join us at our office on Monday from 6-8 for a sign-making party! More info here.

More actions for immigrant rights this week:

Action to Stop Temp Agencies from Exploiting Immigrant Workers!

Tuesday, August 8
Bristol County Superior Court
441 County Street
New Bedford, MA 02740

Workers and allies will gather to draw attention to the plight of low-wage immigrant workers and the many ways employers take advantage of them to cheat them out of wages and safe work environments.

Wage theft has become business-as-usual. In our modern economy, where bad employers increasingly use subcontracting and outsourcing deals to dodge responsibility for their workers, the epidemic of wage theft has overwhelmed the capacity of our existing labor laws and enforcement mechanisms. We need for temp agencies and other employers to be held accountable AND for our legislators to create legislation to ensure Massachusetts remains the leader it has always been in passing strong labor laws and workplace protections.

Governor Baker: Stop Criminalizing Immigrant Communities Rally!

Wednesday, August 9

Massachusetts State House
24 Beacon Street
Boston, MA

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Can't make it on Tuesday? We'll be out again on Wednesday to tell Governor Charlie Baker to STOP criminalizing the immigrant community!


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