Changes at Jobs with Justice: A Message from Our Executive Director Russ Davis


Dear Friends,

It’s clear that we need change in this country. Not the corporate-driven anti-worker, anti-immigrant, anti-environment, anti-public education, well OK, anti-everything-good-and-decent change that we are seeing. We need change that builds a new social and economic system that puts people before profits.

Progressive organizations also need positive change to adapt to new conditions, new threats and new opportunities. That’s why Massachusetts Jobs with Justice is creating a new grassroots structure that can build power at the local level and help working people win at the bargaining table, at the State House and beyond. We need a new workers’ movement that is more creative, diverse and powerful in order to bring about the real change that we need.

That is also why I have decided to take this opportunity to transition from my role as Executive Director of Massachusetts Jobs with Justice, a position I have held for over 22 years (yikes!). I have also been proud to serve on the board of National Jobs with Justice. During that time Mass JWJ has grown and developed critical infrastructure and strategic campaign capacities, along with an excellent staff, leadership and organizational and activist base. I’ll be proud to join that activist base as of September 30, 2017 where I’ll continue supporting the work of Massachusetts Jobs with Justice.

I want to thank all of the great people and organizations that I have had the privilege of working with and who have helped to bring justice to workers across the state, country and the globe. We have made the billionaires and millionaires fear the power of our organizing and our organization, and I am confident that we will continue to do so under new leadership and with our great current staff. Revolutions are made by the young and I will do what I can to support the next generation of activists and leaders who will make Mass JWJ more vital and effective then ever. See you on the picket line!


p.s. If you aren’t already, I hope you will join me in becoming a monthly Mass JWJ Sustainer by clicking here.

The posting for the new Executive Director position is here.

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