Time is Running Out: What We can do to Save Francisco


June 16, 2017

On Friday, an urgent rally was held in front of the John F. Kennedy Federal Building in support of Francisco Rodriguez, who is facing deportation. Union members from the SEIU32BJ and supporters from various organizations rallied to protest ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement)'s decision to suddenly, and without explanation, change his next check-in date and to demand that ICE grant Francisco’s stay of removal.

On Tuesday, June 13th, Francisco went to his immigration check-in and was accompanied by more than 40 community members to bear witness, support him and his family, and take a stand against unjust immigration laws and deportations. Together we chanted and sang songs of solidarity as we waited for Francisco. In the morning, he was told to return in December 13th for his next check-in, meaning he has six months to stay in the U.S. However, just six hours later, ICE called back Francisco's lawyer and said that Francisco has to return for his check-in on July 13th with a plan ticket to El Salvador in hand. In the next few days, ICE will decide whether or not he can stay with his family in Chelsea.

We need to put a spotlight on Francisco's case, especially now that the stakes are so high and time is running out. Therefore, Jobs with Justice, along with the SEIU 32BJ, invited the media to the rally on Friday. Francisco made the difficult and brave decision to show up on the rally to thank his supporters and give an interview. Francisco’s lawyer also agreed to an interview.

"They reneged on their promise,” Cameron, Francisco's immigration attorney said. “What the administration is doing is completely destabilizing the system. He’s the face of what’s happening with immigrants entering this country, not the bad hombres we were told about.”

You can do something as well to help Francisco right now:

You can call ICE and ask them to grant Francisco's Stay of Removal. All you have to is call the following numbers:

New England Regional ICE office Immigration officer Gary Roltsch: (781) 359-7500  X7625

New England Regional ICE office (Burlington, MA): 781-359-7500 (General line)

Community Relations officer Alexia Koplewski: (781) 359-7511

And if you’re not sure what to say, consider using the sample script below when you speak to someone or when you leave a message.

“Hi, my name is __ and I live in__. I am calling to ask you to grant Mr. Francisco Rodriguez Guardado’s stay of removal. His A-Number: 099-665-463. Mr. Rodriguez has lived in the U.S. since 2006. He is a father of two American citizen children and with a baby on the way. He is a member of his children’s school parent committee, of the community organization Chelsea Collaborative, of the Church Tabernaculo biblico seguidores de Jesus, and a union member of 32BJ SEIU (Service Employees International Union) at MIT. Mr. Rodriguez Guardado always pays his taxes and contributes to his community, church, children’s school and at work. He is a beloved member of Chelsea. In addition, Mr. Rodriguez’s mother who is currently a permanent resident will become a citizen next year and shortly after she will petition for her son’s pathway to residency and eventual citizenship.”

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