Massachusetts Jobs with Justice 2017 Intern/Volunteer Education Series

Massachusetts Jobs with Justice is offering a wide range of workshops as part of our 2017 Intern/Volunteer Education Series. These workshops will teach you all about your rights at work and how to defend them, how to communicate about issues you are passionate about, the role art plays in activism, and much more.

Every workshop will begin at 6:00 pm at the Jobs with Justice office, located at 375 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.

You can check out the full schedule below and if you have any questions, or would like to RSVP, please email gillian@MASSJWJ.NET or call 617-524-8778.

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Jobs with Justice


Your Rights at Work: What They Are and How to Defend Them

What are your legal rights at work?  How do those rights change when you join a union?  This workshop will answer all your questions about what you, your coworkers, and your boss can and can’t do on the job.

Date: 6/12/17

Workshop Leader: Gillian Mason, Organizer, Massachusetts Jobs with Justice


Who’s Got the Power?: Friends, Allies, and “Enemies” in the Fight for Justice!

In order to change the world – locally or globally – we first need to figure out the major players who are shaping the issues we care about most, and how we can use people power to sway them to our point of view.  In this workshop we will learn some tools to help strategize and build community POWER!

Date: 6/19/17

Workshop Leader: Edwin Argueta, Organizer, Massachusetts Jobs with Justice


Let’s Talk: Communicating Our Cause!

How we talk about the issues that matter most to us is just as important as the issues themselves. In a world where we’re constantly flooded with information, we need to communicate in a way that cuts through the clutter and leaves an impression. In this session, you will get some advice on how to write and speak with passion to tell your story and forge powerful relationships.

Date: 6/26/17

Workshop Leader: Natalia Berthet, Organizer, Massachusetts Jobs with Justice


Raising the Floor in Massachusettes!

Raise Up Massachusetts is a massive campaign to pass legislation that addresses the issues that matter most to working people on and off the job. We’ve already won Paid Sick Days for all Massachusetts workers and a raise in the minimum wage to $11/hour. This year, we’re working to raise the minimum wage again, generate revenue for schools and transportation, win Paid Family Medical Leave, and more! Find out about what’s coming up and how you can get involved!

Date: 7/10/17

Workshop Leader: Edwin Argueta, Organizer, Massachusetts Jobs with Justice


Researching to Organize: Finding the Bad Guys!

These days it’s clear that big money drives our politics and our economy, but who are the people behind all that money? If we want to stop corporate greed from bankrupting us all, we need to put names and faces to the 1% who run this system. Using examples tracing the big money behind charter schools, In this workshop we will learn some of the tricks of the trade for identifying the real targets in our fights.

Date: 7/17/17

Workshop Leader: John Donahoe, Researcher, 1199 SEIU


Cultural Activism: The Art of Change

Words are important to get our points across, but art can make people feel the raw emotions behind our causes that make them want to take action. That’s why our movement needs creative tactics to reach the hearts and minds of our audience. In this interactive workshop, we’ll share different ways to incorporate culture in our organizing.

Date: 7/25/17

Workshop Leader: Eroc Arroyo-Montana, Director of Cultural Organizing, United for a Fair Economy


The Movement for Immigrant Rights

Learn more about the past and present of the ongoing struggle for the rights of immigrants in the US.  From ending deportations to defending immigrant workers’ rights on the job, find out how you can join the fight! 

Date: 7/31/17

Workshop Leader: Workshop Leader: Edwin Argueta, Organizer, Massachusetts Jobs with Justice

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