Bank Workers Escalate the Fight in Boston!


Last month, Santander workers filed a union neutrality petition with the company, asking that Santander not interfere with the workers organizing for their rights and meet with workers about their demands for a voice on the job. Santander has not committed to neutrality, and has not agreed to meet with workers. At the same the bank has turned its back on its workers, it has also become clear that Santander has turned its back on our communities -- failing to meet its legal obligations under the Community Reinvestment Act and participating in discriminatory lending in Massachusetts cities.

Amid heightened concerns about Santander's negative impact on our state, on Monday, March 27th, bank workers from all over the country joined with the Committee for Better Banks, CWA Local 1400, Freeze Frame Black Boston, Massachusetts Communities Action Network, Jobs with Justice, the Democratic Socialists of America, and other allies to take over a Boston branch of Santander and demand the bank respect working people in the bank and in our communities.

Check out the media coverage of the action in the Boston Globe, The Hill, Boston Business Journal, The Dig, American Banker, and BU's Daily Free Press.

To join the Committee for Better Banks in the fight for a people's voice in the banks, contact Gillian for more information.

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