#Resist the Trump Education Agenda

March 1 is a national Day of Action for the movement to resist the Trump education agenda. Only 5 weeks after Trump became president, immigrant students and trans students are already feeling the terrible consequences of recent policy announcements. On top of that, we know that there's more bad policy to come. Betsy deVos, Trump's Education Secretary, is a notorious advocate for education policies that benefit big corporations rather than students -- for-profit charter schools, school vouchers, and more. With DeVos in charge of the welfare and intellectual development of every student in the US, we know that even worse announcements are sure to come soon.

That's why it's time to take action!

In Boston, there are so many ways to get involved: BU students and workers will take to the streets to take back their campus, while the Public Higher Education Network of MA will be holding a day of advocacy at the State House to demand more funding for higher education.  There will also be a Student Resistance demonstration happening on Boston Common, featuring high school and college students from all over the Boston Metro Area!

All are welcome at all of these actions -- if you care about making sure we all have a chance to learn, PLEASE JOIN US!

NewsGillian Mason