4 Days to Go Update: Dark Money Continues to Pour into Yes on Question 2 Campaign


With 4 days until Election Day, another $1.8 million has flowed into the Yes on Question 2 campaign, bringing the total raised by the most expensive ballot campaign in Massachusetts history to $22.6 million. Some $17.7 million of the $22.6 million raised by Question 2 proponents is “dark money,” more than has ever been spent on any political campaign in Massachusetts history. Nearly $18.5 million is from out-of-state.

The latest donations include an additional $1.6 million from the lead funders of Question 2, dark money group Families for Excellent Schools and its advocacy arm, which have now given a total of $15.6 million to fund Question 2. Families for Excellent Schools and other dark money groups funding Question 2 are never required to disclose their donors, and we may never know who is behind the most expensive ballot campaign in state history.

Governor Baker claims he’s just as in the dark as the public is about who is funding Question 2. When asked about donations to Question 2, Governor Baker told reporters he’s not “aware of who gives or who doesn't give on this stuff.”

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