Congressman Keith Ellison Calls for Bank Workers Union


In an article published in the Daily Beast on September 29, Representative Keith Ellison outlines the toxic sales culture at Wells Fargo, stating:

"Wells Fargo Bank committed a scam that stole from its customers, inflated its stock price, and lined the pockets of its top-level executives. Those same executives pinned the whole thing on their low-level employees – people making as little as $12 an hour. Thousands of them were fired from their jobs."

To remedy this untenable situation, Ellison notes the benefits of unionization:

"In order to end these predatory practices, financial services sector employees should be given a seat at the table and allowed to collectively bargain. This will protect them and their customers. No company should force workers to make a choice between selling potentially harmful products to their customers and keeping their paycheck."

Be sure to thank Rep. Ellison for his leadership on this issue!

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