#NoHotelsForICE Employer Sign-On and Canvas Kit

ICE is carrying out immigration raids across the country and has threatened to ramp up coordinated mass raids as a show of force for the Trump Administrations anti-immigrant political agenda and to instill fear in immigrant communities. But immigrant detention facilities are already catastrophically overcrowded due to this administration’s zealous and dangerous priorities. As a result, ICE is planning to use hotels as temporary detention centers for immigrants it detains in upcoming raids.

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Stand with Macy's Cosmetics & Fragrance Workers!

Every worker deserves a union, including the workers who spend long hours on their feet every day making other people feel beautiful.

The cosmetics and fragrance workers at the Downtown Crossing Macy’s store in Boston have their first chance to join their co-workers in the union… The vote on whether to unionize happens this Friday, July 19th, and we have up until that vote to let these workers know we have their backs!

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Gillian Mason