Help us create the actions that workers need to win justice at their workplace.

Massachusetts Jobs with Justice depends upon the support of organizations and individuals alike in order to build winning, grassroots campaigns.

We have many ways for individual supporters to get involved and join the fight for jobs with justice. We also encourage organizations to become part of the Jobs with Justice coalition.

Make your voice heard – join one of our volunteer committees or projects!

  • Solidarity Committees

  • Immigrant Rights Committee

  • Education & Training Committee

  • Interfaith Worker Justice Committee

  • Scholars for Social Justice

  • Massachusetts Workers’ Rights Board

  • Research Action Committee

  • Fundraising Committee

Solidarity Committees

The Solidarity Committee is a place where activists, allies, rank and file union members, organizers, and leaders meet to discuss each other’s current campaigns and plan ways to support workers and communities in Massachusetts, around the country, and throughout the world.

We have Solidarity Committees in multiple locations throughout Massachusetts that meet monthly -- all are welcome, regardless of whether or not they have ever been involved before! We share information, hear more about each other’s struggles, and find new ways to collaborate to advance our movement.

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Immigrant Workers'Rights Committee


The Immigrant Workers' Rights Committee is made up of labor, community and student activists who organize to support local and national fights by immigrant workers and advocates.

We work with local immigrant rights groups to further their work for a just and sustainable immigration system, and with local worker centers and unions to support the fight for justice in the workplace for all working people.

Our committee comes up with strategies that connect the issues that face immigrant workers to the overall impact of corporate globalization. As attacks on immigrants grow more frequent and more vicious, we have also formed a rapid response network to deal with crises as they occur.

Sign up to be part of the POWER (Protecting Our Immigrant Workers from Exploitation and Retaliation) street team here.

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Education & Training Committee

The Education & Training Committee works to develop materials and plan events that we can use to educate our members and supporters on different topics and issues within our movement.

We support our members and allies in building and refining a shared narrative and ideology that we can use to effectively frame our struggles and build coherence and solidarity within the progressive movement.

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Interfaith Worker Justice Committee


Founded in 1997, Massachusetts Interfaith Worker Justice unites faith leaders, lay people and congregations to support workers in their struggles.

We call on our religious values to educate, organize and mobilize the religious community in Massachusetts on issues and campaigns that will improve wages, benefits, and working conditions for all low-wage workers. We focus especially on giving black, Latino, and immigrant workers a voice in the workplace, protecting their civil and human rights as workers, and strengthening the communities where they live.

This committee partners closely with leaders in the labor movement as well as labor-friendly community organizations. We welcome people of good will from every faith tradition who are committed to proclaiming the dignity of every working person and securing the well-being of all working people.

We are the Massachusetts affiliate of the national Interfaith Worker Justice network.

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Scholars for Social Justice

Scholars for Social Justice is an alliance of higher education faculty members committed to returning economic and social justice to our universities and our society.

Members of this project seek to add their voices to the growing movement against the corporate take-over of higher education and of society generally. They advocate for the rights of the students, workers and faculty on our campuses, in our communities, and around the world.

If you are an academic who would like more information, sign up through Action Network or contact Gillian.


Massachusetts Workers' Rights Board

The Massachusetts Workers’ Rights Board is a group of trusted community leaders who investigate alleged violations of workers’ rights and to attempt to bring justice to the workplace. We conduct hearings that present testimony from workers, management, and other witnesses in order to determine possible solutions to the cases it takes on. 

Members include alderpersons and state representatives; religious leaders, organizers and activists from public housing coalitions, advocates for the homeless, immigrant and refugee rights advocates and community living-wage groups; academics, researchers, and other educators.

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Research Action Committee

The Research Action Committee executes in-depth research to identify and expose the millionaires and billionaires who are destroying our economy and attacking the working class. We also aim to democratize the skills to complete this kind of research, sharing new information-gathering techniques with those grassroots activists who need them most. Our work supports active campaigns of Jobs with Justice and our partners, on issues from workplace abuse to the corporate takeover of public education. Experienced researchers as well as those who are just looking to learn are all welcome.

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Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee works to raise the money necessary to keep our coalition and our movement going today and in the years to come. We plan and execute fundraising drives and events that build our base and ensure that we have a sustainable organization that can provide support and resources to our member organizations.

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