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Massachusetts One Fair Wage Hearing

On Tuesday, 6/18, the MA legislature will hear testimony on S. 1082/H. 1617 An Act Requiring One Fair Wage, sponsored by Senator Pat Jehlen and Representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier

In Massachusetts, the current hourly pay for tipped workers is $4.35 an hour, while the overall minimum wage is $12 an hour. Last year, a new law was passed that will raise the minimum wage and sub-minimum wage incrementally, so that they reach $15 an hour and $6.75 an hour, respectively, by 2023.

This will leave Massachusetts with one of the largest pay gaps between minimum and sub-minimum wage earners in the nation.

An Act requiring one fair wage, also known as the “One Fair Wage” bill, would raise the minimum wage for tipped workers incrementally to require that they are paid the full minimum wage by 2028.

Come join us and show your support!

Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC United) is an organization that empowers restaurant workers through education, advocacy, and action.

ROC’s Boston chapter is advocating for a bill called the One Fair Wage Act (OFW), which supports raising the minimum wage for tipped / hourly workers.

Read more about the MA bill here:

12:00 PM -- Press Conference on Statehouse steps
1:00 PM -- Hearing Begins (Room B1)
Joint hearing
Testimonials presented by restaurant workers, employers, experts and allies.

Refreshments provided to those who sign-up to give
5:00 PM -- Expected End Time

1) Come to the press conference and hearing! Your presence in the audience will show legislators just how much people care about this.

2) Sign-up to share your story of working in the restaurant industry!

If you've worked in restaurants, share your story with us! We're seeking 10-20 people to give testimony during the hearing and talk about what it's like to work in kitchens, bars, and front-of-house.

Your testimony could be heard by legislators and make a direct impact on whether the bill is passed!

Message us directly for more info on testifying.

3) Share this info with friends, colleagues, and anyone you know!

4) Sign the OFW petition here:

3) Become a member of ROC Boston:

For more info on the bill or getting involved, reach out to us and any of our volunteers!

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