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Virtual May Day: Call-in day for The Massachusetts Fair Workweek Bill!

“An Act relative to the scheduling of employees” (S.1110 and H.3384)

On International Workers Rights Day, can you take 5 minutes to ask the Senate and House Chairs of the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development to favorably vote the Fair Scheduling bill out of committee

Senate Chair: Pat Jehlen 617-722-1578

Senate Vice Chair: Jason M. Lewis 617-722-1206

House Chair: Paul Brodeur 617-722-2013

House Vice Chair: Stephan Hay 617-722-2220

Reportback and let us know how your calls went:

All workers deserve the chance to build stable lives for themselves and their families, but for many, erratic work schedules make stability almost impossible. Hours can be assigned arbitrarily at an employer’s discretion and changed with no advance notice, leaving workers to cope with fluctuating paychecks and constant problems coordinating child and elder care, second and third jobs, and further education or professional development. Women, people of color, and low-wage workers are the most impacted. That’s why, across the country, a movement of workers is standing up to demand basic protections for Fair Scheduling, and Jobs with Justice is standing with them.

Here in Massachusetts, we have the opportunity to make Fair Scheduling a law in our state this legislative session. For the first time, workers in restaurants, retail establishments, and the hospitality injury would be able to count on:

  • The right to 14 days advance notice of hours

  • The right to request specific hours without retaliation from the employer

  • The right to rest for 11 hours between shifts

  • The right to be offered any additional available hours before an employer can hire a new employee to fill them

  • The right to apply for unemployment benefits when an employer’s failure to comply with Fair Scheduling practices is the worker’s reason for leaving a job

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