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Fair Work Week Hearing

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Join Mass Jobs with Justice for a press conference and support us at Fair Work Week Hearing. We will begin with a 12:00 pm press conference and followed by a show of strong support in the hearing chamber to support workers and show the Joint Committee on Labor and Workforce Development that a fair work week. The hearing starts at 1:00 PM in room A-2.

Link to Bill

The Fair Work Week Bill bill will make it so for the first time, workers in restaurants, retail establishments, and the hospitality industry would be able to count on:

  • The right to 14 days advance notice of hours 

  • The right to request specific hours without retaliation from the employer 

  • The right to rest for 11 hours between shifts 

  • The right to be offered any additional available hours before an employer can hire a new employee to fill them 

  • The right to collect unemployment benefits when an employer’s failure to comply with Fair Scheduling practices is the worker’s reason for leaving a job

If you cannot make the hearing, please sign a petition.