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BosCops City Council Hearing

  • Boston City Hall 1 City Hall Square Boston, MA, 02201 United States (map)

We've seen the Boston Police fly drones over Bromley Heath. Now we're seeing more cameras and license plate trackers go up in our neighborhoods.

We know the Boston Police are tracking #BlackLivesMatter and Muslim terms on social media. We remember when the Boston Police tried to get social media software to track residents online.

It's time to have a conversation about the ways Boston Police are using surveillance and technology in our city! Organizers have been pushing for transparency and community control over the ways the police watch, record, track, and share information about us. Boston City Council's Committee on Public Safety & Criminal Justice originally scheduled a hearing regarding BPD's use of surveillance technology for APRIL 30, but have had to reschedule and push back multiple times because of BPD. 

We got the hearing scheduled for June 19 at 4pm. Come with us to demand our freedom to move through Boston without fear of being watched, stopped, and harassed by the Boston Police!

We encourage you to submit testimony to the City Council online and bring it with you in person to the hearing: We collected some shared messages from Boston organizers and residents if you would like to echo them in your testimony:

You can also join us for lunch on Saturday from 1-4pm to get ready with your neighbors for the hearing!

For more info on policing in Boston, visit