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Edwin Argueta

Edwin Argueta is a Salvadoran immigrant, and is one of the regional organizers for Massachusetts Jobs With Justice with primary responsibility for the North Shore region, Raise Up Massachusetts, and workers' rights work. Edwin has been active for many years in the immigrant rights movement and organized labor as a service provider, advocate, and organizer. Recently he has been an activist, along with many other African American, Asian, and immigrant organizers, in the struggle to bring change around issues that affect communities of color in Greater Boston; particularly education reform, economic justice, and political empowerment. He is a leader of the immigrant rights movement and organized labor in Massachusetts and in the New England region, currently working to provide strategic support for statewide immigrant worker rights initiatives and campaigns as well as just and humane immigration reform at the national level. Edwin is a board member of One Everett, United for a Fair Economy and La Comunidad Inc.


Natalia Berthet Garcia

Natalia Berthet Garcia grew up in Leominster, Massachusetts, after she and her family immigrated to the U.S. from Uruguay. She was motivated to get involved in movement work shortly after DACA granted her and other young people the right to work in the U.S., but excluded workers, families, and many others in the undocumented community. Since 2013, Natalia has been organizing at JWJ around public education, immigrant rights, and workers' rights. She was the Central Massachusetts lead organizer for the No On Question 2 campaign, which was a successful statewide effort that stopped the expansion of charter schools. Natalia is also an interpreter, a reproductive justice advocate, and an aspiring adult.


Rose Bookbinder

Rose Bookbinder is an organizer with MJWJ and is a founding organizer of the Pioneer Valley Workers Center where she also works. She began her career fighting for workers rights in Westchester County and the Hudson Valley of NY, working with day laborers in the construction and agricultural sectors.

As a lead organizer for the United Auto Workers, she worked with Casino Dealers and Higher Ed, and with AFSCME, she worked with food service workers. She serves as the Recording Secretary for the Hampshire Franklin Central Labor Council and on the Board of Directors for the Food Chain Workers Alliance.

Rose is excited to be a part of a transformative organizing that is working towards systemic change in Massachusetts. Si Se Puede!


Russ Davis

Russ Davis is the Executive Director of Massachusetts Jobs with Justice and a member of the Jobs with Justice National Board. For twenty years he was a machinist at the General Electric plant in Lynn and has also worked as a meat cutter, steel worker and railroad brakeman on Conrail. He has been the full time director since January 2000 and the voluntary director for four years prior to that. He has been a union member since he was 16. He has been active as a trade unionist in the anti-racist, anti-war, and environmental movements. He worked for three years as a steelworker in France, is fluent in French, and helps to coordinate National Jobs with Justice’s international work. He is on the National Executive Committee of Jobs with Justice and serves as National Treasurer. Russ is responsible for strategic and financial planning and grant writing, labor support work, and supervises and works with other staff as needed.


Lily Huang

Lily Huang has been an organizer with Massachusetts Jobs with Justice since April 2012. Lily is a native of Boston's Chinatown and Quincy, MA. She is passionate about immigrant rights, workers rights and public education. Before JwJ, Lily was an organizer with the Student Immigrant Movement (SIM), recruiting and developing immmigrant youth leaders and SIM chapters across Mass. In 2010 and 2011 Lily led two week vigils in front of the MA State House against proposed anti-immigrant amendments. She also built a coalition of more than 40 community organizations, unions and groups for the DREAM Act. Lily has two cats, Mao Mao and Boo.


Gillian Mason

Gillian Mason is an organizer and the Coordinator of Development and Education at Jobs with Justice. Prior to joining the JwJ staff, Gillian was the coordinator of MoveOn.org’s Boston Council and the Jamaica Plain Forum, a project of the Institute for Policy Studies.  Before devoting herself full-time to organizing, Gillian was an adjunct professor of English, Women’s Studies, and American literature and culture for ten years, teaching at Suffolk University, Boston University, and the University of Massachusetts Boston.  She has a Ph.D. in American Studies from Boston University.  As a student, she served as president of the Graduate Student Organization at BU, leading successful campaigns for basic worker protections and benefits for grad student employees.  As a contingent faculty member, Gillian was a member of the Massachusetts Teachers’ Association at UMass and served on the steering committee of the American Association of University Professors at Suffolk University.  She currently sits on the Executive Board of the Public Higher Education Network of Massachusetts, the Board of Directors for the Student Immigrant Movement, the steering committee of the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education, and the advisory boards of the Women’s Institute for Leadership Development and the Boston University Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Activism.


Tarshia Green-Williams

Tarshia Green-Williams is a mother of two sons and was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. Currently a workers' rights organizer for Jobs with Justice. Prior to organizing, she worked as a Billing Coordinator at Boston Medical Center. She became active in organizing as a shop steward at Boston Medical Center in Boston Massachusetts, when she was a member of 1199 SEIU Healthcare Worker's East. In 2007 she became a union organizer in new organizing department for 1199 SEIU Healthcare Worker's East. During that time she worked on several healthcare organizing campaigns around the country.


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